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HOLOPLOT is a pro audio company from Berlin, Germany. Since early 2011, we have been working on radically transforming audio technology, by re-thinking the underlying physics of sound reproduction. We wondered: What if sound could truly be controlled the way we can control light? What if we could create soundscapes that feel more real than reality? What if every seat in a venue could be made the best seat?

Our solution is science-based, software-driven, and hardware-enabled: the HOLOPLOT Matrix Array. The sound system for a new era, a powerful tool that brings previously inaccessible capabilities to the world of audio. We believe when people experience better sound, they will enjoy more meaningful moments and create richer memories. At HOLOPLOT, it is our mission to redefine what is possible - enabling unparalleled and breathtaking experiences.

A revolution in sound. Be part of it.

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