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The company was founded in the early 60s with the original name of MET. Originally the company core business was the production of electrotechnical solutions for musical instruments in all its multiple forms. In the 70s the company activity was extended to the field of electronics, approaching the phone market and the telecommunications.

At the beginning of the 80s due to the sudden and untimely demise of the historic holder and for the usual causes of generational change, the company was brought to bankrupcy. From manager of the Workshop, along with some other members and fellow adventurers, in May 1983 we founded the current EUROMET.

From the beginning of the 80s up to the mid-90s Euromet operated almost exclusively in the market of Music, but with the advent of increasingly dominant market of Installation before and Video then, the core business shifted more and more towards the production of new and universal integrated solutions for these new emerging markets.

Today Euromet is present in over 60 countries worldwide, it boasts an international reputation in the professional field and enjoys partnerships with the major multinationals operating in the AV sector, thanks to the guaranteed reliability of the products, with the unchanged and authentic “MADE ONLY IN ITALY” and the high-quality service that has characterized our business for years.


Today getting involved is crucial for a company. Euromet took up the challenge, to which it responded with innovation and thirty years of experience that have become its main features. Metals – worked with originality- are transformed into real product lines that include poles, supports for multifunction tools (video, audio, lights), multipurpose structures and rack units.

Every day, in fact, we work to be the reference mark in the market of AV installation for the Mounting System Professional, continuing in what is our mission: to go beyond expectations, planning at your side solutions for you, but above all with you.


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