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Yvan Péard Gottelier Award 2023 nomination

  • Yvan Péard Gottelier Award 2023 nomination

Founder of Ayrton, and creator of original lighting for live entertainment, Yvan Péard has been the inspiration behind many innovative products that are now seen as industry standards: MagicPanel and MagicBlade, the laser-sourced Cobra (winner of the prestigious gold award for innovation at Plasa 2022), and Diablo - widely regarded and globally accepted as the most versatile compact moving head LED Profile in its class - to name but a few.

From his first fixture, the EyeColor, which used additive colour synthesis, to unique inventions like DreamPanel Floor and WildSun – Péard’s creations first made their mark as innovative effects lighting which became streamlined and refined with the development of the Radical series.

The Ayrton product range now encompasses a comprehensive series of generic LED fixtures that are lighter, faster and superbly engineered, and designed to cover all sizes of venue. Always pushing the envelope as to what can be achieved, these include nimble and impregnable IP65 rated fixtures like Perseo and Domino, and long throw fixtures like Huracán LT, and the aforementioned laser-sourced Cobra, and even reimagined effects fixtures like Zonda 9 and Argo 6.

This multitude of innovations has benefitted not only lighting designers worldwide but also our industry’s ongoing journey to becoming more sustainable, with concern for the environment factored into every stage of Ayrton’s design and production, and an active programme to continue to improve on their current practises.